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We understand and value your time. So skip the long wait and click below to schedule your in-home staging consultation.

Our  team is comprised of  highly qualified and trained APSD (Association of Property Scene Designers) Certified Professional Home Stagers. With over 22 years of combined experience in preparing Colorado homes for sale, there is no other home staging service that comes close to the amount of hands-on experience in staging your home for sale.

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You have heard it before, ‘your home is your most valuable asset.’  And yes, in most cases that is absolutely true.  Which is why, at Simple Appeal Home Staging and Design we take the time to evaluate your home, discuss your goals and options and then customize the perfect service for you in order to help you sell your home, listing or investment property in the shortest amount of time for the greatest of profit.

Our services always begin with a customized and recorded review and consultation of your entire home or can be modified to a few key rooms or challenging areas.

During this review you will receive your own guide book to use for notes, ideas and inspiration.  By the end of the session you will know with certainty exactly what needs to be done to get your home, listing or investment property sold or filled quickly.  As a matter of fact if you don’t think the time we spend together is worth double what you’ve invested, then you don’t owe us anything at all.  That is how confident we are in delivering the very best information in the industry that yields the results you want and need.

We can even consult on the color, curb appeal, marketing and exit strategy of the property in order to give you a more complete picture.  And our Open House events are second to none!

Additional Home Staging Services Include:

[box title=”Home Staging”]

Statistics show that effective home staging can sell a home twice as fast and for up to 6% more than an un-staged or ineffectively staged home.  This means you can literally save thousands of dollars, possibly tens of thousands of dollars by having your home effectively staged or learning how to do it yourself.  Not only will you sell faster, but you will make more money.

Services begin at $497
[/box] [box title=”Marketing”]

Marketing is the key to success when it comes to selling or advertising any home no matter the exit, selling or investment strategy.  With an average DOM of only 21, marketing and presentation have been the 2 keys to success for Simple Appeal and will be the key to success with your home or investment as well.  These services range from a simple consultation to a full blown marketing and event campaign.

Services begin at $497
[/box] [box title=”Open House Events”]

The average open house yields 2 prospects.  The APSD Open House Event system averages 50-300.  These are full blown weekend events that usually receive multiple offers within 2 days.

Services begin at $4997
[/box] [box title=”Color Analysis”]

Perfect for builders, homes that have not been updated in some time or more uniquely or artistically painted homes.  An effective color analysis should save you between $2500-$10,000.

Services begin at $197
[/box] [box title=”Curb Appeal Consultation”]

Brake stopping curb appeal is a must for every investment home, listing or home for sale.  If the home is beautiful on the inside, but not on the outside without brake stopping curb appeal they may never find out.  Our 37 point system leaves no stone unturned and no mailbox unhinged!

 Services begin at $297
[/box] [box title=”Exit Strategy Consultation”]

Today’s buyer, seller and investor all have options that are often times not introduced.  By knowing your exit strategy options, you can buy better, sell more profitably and faster as well as invest more effectively.  Understanding the business strategy and technicalities of utilized multiple exit strategies will change the face of your entire real estate experience.

Services begin at $497
[/box] [box title=”Vacation Rental Consultation and Preparation”]

Vacation rental properties are one of the best investments over the coming years and can yield 2 to 10 times the annual income of a traditional rental income property without the headache.  There is a specific strategy, set up, marketing and management process that when used, can yield one of the best and easiest long term investments in your real estate portfolio.  Karen has been doing this for herself and others for years and can help you as well with everything from what type of home to buy, to how to decorate and set it up all the way though the marketing and management.

Services begin at $997

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